Forgiving LeBron, Fetal Jesus Sonogram, and Hummus Wars

The best part of Christmas is the advertising. I don’t mean the Coca Cola commercials with Santa and polar bears. I mean stuff like a sonogram of fetal Jesus complete with halo and a tag line reminding us “He’s on His way.” I also always enjoy a good Christmas billboard duel. This season do we celebrate Reason or Jesus? And are those are only choices? Maybe we should settle on the friendlier “Reason’s Greetings.”

The only thing I like as much as Christmas is butter. Now, I can have them both thanks to one Iowa artist’s butter nativity scene. Best Christmas fund raiser ever. A nativity scene in Boulder, Colorado has provoked the ire of local atheists who argue that the scene’s placement on the steps of the City and County Building is a state endorsement of religion. They are protesting through—you guessed it—three billboards. Worst holiday display ever: KKK Snowman.

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