I’m Now at michaeljaltman.net

...so check your RSS feeds and what-not. I decided it was time I grew up and got my own domain. So, now you can find me at http://michaeljaltman.net. Pretty cute, eh? You should get redirected here from the old URL but I don't know how this will affect RSS feeds. Of course, if you read … Continue reading I’m Now at michaeljaltman.net


#REL100 in the (student) News

Pardon the self-promotion: Introductory level courses here at Emory are not famous for their enthusiastic levels of participation, attendance or commitment. Often these classes are big, too drafty or, let’s be honest, just too early in the morning to meet the same standards of discussion and debate set by upper-level courses and seminars. Professors in … Continue reading #REL100 in the (student) News