Shut Up and Start Writing Week 3

How are things going for everyone? We’re two weeks in and I know this group has been super helpful for me. I have a tendency to piddle around in the early stages of a new chapter. Having a clear goal for the week definitely pushed me to figure it all out. I did reach my goal and I have a nice list of sources that I will be going through this coming week. My goal this week is to go through the sources and come up with a very general outline of where this chapter is going. I wrote a blog post this past week that was me thinking out loud a bit about the chapter and I have some general idea of some themes I’m intrigued by. By the end of the week, though, I want a good solid outline of the major points/figures/texts I’m going to work through in the chapter.

What about yall? How’s it going? What can we do to help you? What’s your goal for this week?

Just remember, Success Kid loves you and is proud of you.


3 thoughts on “Shut Up and Start Writing Week 3

  1. Got through a big chunk of sources last week, and I think I’ve managed to outline a way less crazypants chapter this time. I’m on research until Wednesday, gone for the weekend, and then all writing all the time until the end of the month. Chapter deadline is 1 August, which (if I don’t lose my damn mind this time) should be completely doable.

    Thanks, Success Kid!


  2. Success Kid is Awesomesauce!!

    I had a good week. A really good week. I “ate the frog” so to speak and got stuff done. Finished the evil chapter of doom. (Chapter 2) then went back to chapter 3 of my manuscript and discovered that really only the framing needed to be changed–that otherwise it needs no changes. So I changed the framing and got it done. Sent it off to the two people who are reading and giving me feedback on Friday. So it was totally a gold star week.
    This week I need to review an article for a journal and then go back and do some research that I am adding into chapter 4. Mostly just need to transcribe a few interviews and go through the yearbooks of the Indian Bible College I am writing about (They were nice enough to send me all the old spare yearbooks they had. Which is pretty nifty.) So this week is research week, but i will be setting goals for each day so that I can write quickly the week of the 30th (the week after next I have to take off as I am doing a Wabash conference for teaching and learning in religion.)


  3. Ack! I forgot to post this weekend! I made good progress on thinking about restructuring my dissertation for a book manuscript. I have a new table of contents and a sketch of a revision plan. I spent more time working on a blog post and conference paper, but I’m happy with what I accomplished. Angela, you’ll have a great time at Wabash. I am in the middle of a week long workshop with Wabash and I have found it really useful. But, because of the workshop, I have placed writing on hold for this week.


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