Writing Group Week 4: Free Bates Edition

I have no reason for the above picture. I just like it.

So, how was everyone’s week? Sorry for the late post. I’ll do better next week.

I hit my goal. I’ve got a good outline of where this chapter is heading. I still have some primary sources  to go through next week but I can do that as I write. I’m trying to remember the whole “write before your ready” adage as I tend to put off writing too long. So for next week, I want to spend at least one pomodoro period each day actually writing into the word processor and I want to get at least 3000 words into said word processor before the end of the week.

How yall doing?


3 thoughts on “Writing Group Week 4: Free Bates Edition

  1. Indeed, free Bates!

    Good job on hitting your goal, Mike! It is so very hard to write before you’re ready. It is hard to balance the desire to be comprehensive with your research and to make good writing decisions. I don’t think I’ve figured that balance out. Anyone with tips for me?

    Last week was great, but because I made great progress on a syllabus for a new class I will be teaching in the spring. Since I spent the week in Indiana, I was unable to work on my writing.

    This week will pose challenges to writing again. I will be moving to a new house on Wednesday. It’s just across town and nearly everything is packed, so I think that I will be able to get in at least 30 minutes of work each day. I will be working on refining my manuscript outline and coming up with a reasonable schedule for revisions. I don’t know that I will be able to complete that project this week, so my goal is simply to work 30 minutes every day. I think it will actually help me deal with the chaos that is inherent in every move. Wish me luck!


    1. I think the 30 minutes a day is a great goal. One thing I’ve noticed since we’ve started this weekly goal setting is that it helps me make sense of how to work in the midst of chaos. Last week I had to spend 2 days on home renovations but I was able to plan work around it because I had a goal for the week that forced me to be more thoughtful.

      On the writing earlier front, I am looking for suggestions too. One thing I’ve heard is to make yourself write in small chunks in the morning and then do reading in the afternoon. I’m not sure if that works or not.

      Good luck with the move!


  2. Luck! Totally jealous of your Wabash-ing. Can’t wait till I’m a real boy and can go.

    This week was cut short, ‘cuz I had to go camping with hippies. But I did get a solid amount of research done. Writing this chapter for realz starts this week. I’ve pushed my deadline to 3 August, which gives me two working weeks to get the chapter written. (And since I’m keeping this one under 50 pages, that should be plenty of time.)


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