Shut Up and Start Writing Week 5: IKEA edition

Random household chores got in my way this week. Part of those chores involved two trips to IKEA and two nights assembling furniture. That said, I think most of that stuff is done and I can finish out the summer with some heavy duty writing. I did not reach the 3000 words I had hoped but I got about 1000 on the screen and I wrote for at least one pomodoro 3 out of the 5 days. That’s not bad.
For this week I want to finish what I failed last week. At least one pomodoro every day and 3000 words by the end of the week. I need this chapter drafter by August 15.
How did yall do?


3 thoughts on “Shut Up and Start Writing Week 5: IKEA edition

  1. Research took longer than expected, as always. I’m attempting to get the bulk of this chapter written this week. I suspect it’s going to be ugly. But ugly and done, which is the important thing.

    At which point, I might well reward myself with a trip to IKEA.


  2. I wonder if one could write a dissertation in the same idiom as IKEA instructions like the one pictured above–no words, only balloon-shaped cartoon men with frowney faces or smiley faces. Just be sure to circle ideas that readers are supposed to believe and put big Xes through ideas that they are not supposed to believe.


  3. I was off at a Wabash workshop this past week, which gave my wayward elbow some time to heal (hopefully). Over the next two weeks I have to edit and overhaul two whole chapters. Somehow. Because after that the semester starts. Wish me luck!!!


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