Who is YOUR #HistoricalJesus?

Saturday evening I got to thinking about Jesus because of Ross Douthat. Not the third member of the trinity. Not the Son of Man. Not the Christ. But the “historical Jesus.” You know, the one that scholars are able to discover by searching through the first century sources. There’s a book that you may have heard about recently by a certain author who had an interview on a certain cable news channel that engages in this project. Like other scholars before him he says he can tell us who the REAL historical Jesus REALLY WAS. I summed up my problem with a tweet Saturday night:

(Why must folks always RT the one with typos?)

I then began to muse what MY “historical Jesus” would be like. He’d be awesome.

You get the idea.

Well, other folks began imaging there historical Jesus.



If you can’t get enough #HistoricalJesus, check out this storify: “The Very Best of #HistoricalJesus”


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