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In 2010, I started this blog started by posting an old conference paper from the 2008 AAR. That paper was about Juggernaut. Seven years later, that paper became part of my dissertation and then my first book. A couple of weeks ago I published a post based on the OUP Blog about Juggernaut, as a way to promote my new book. From 2010 until now I have finished my Ph.D., gotten a job in the best department in the world, and published my first book. As I’ve said before, I don’t blog much anymore and when I do it is usually for other outlets beyond this one.

So, I won’t be updating this blog anymore. I’m shifting my attention from this site, hosted on, to a new self-hosted site focused more on writing and work I’m doing in various outlets, from academic publications to blog posts to interviews. This blog will stay up for the time being. At some point I may stop paying the annual domain mapping fee and it will revert back to But it’s here–a testament to the earliest part of my still very early career.

On to newer things! Find me and my work at my new site:


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