Getting Back to the Writing

I passed my exams. Hooray! For me, the exciting part is that I get to go back to writing. I got into this whole grad school thing for the writing. I enjoy the teaching. I like the reading. Seminar classes are fun. But I love the writing. From the research to the bibliography to the … Continue reading Getting Back to the Writing


I’ll be gone ’til November

I'm getting mighty close to my doctoral exams. I'll be taking exams during the first half of November and I'll be up to my ears in books, articles, and outlines until then.  And since I can't keep a nine to five--I'll be gone 'til November. Around the 16th to be specific. More content then. I'll … Continue reading I’ll be gone ’til November

My “Hinduism: Colony, Metropole, and America” exam list

This is the fourth of my four exam list I've been posting over the past couple of weeks. This exam is technically a "dissertation specific" exam and so it is a combination of readings on Hinduism in America and India as well as some studies of how Hinduism has been represented in America and Britain. … Continue reading My “Hinduism: Colony, Metropole, and America” exam list

My Outside Area Exam List: “Media Studies and Religion”

This is the third of four posts which include my various exam lists for my preliminary exams. This exam is in my "outside area" of Media studies. There's some great theory on here as well as a lot of  stuff dealing with ethnography and representation. It is a little light on the religion side but … Continue reading My Outside Area Exam List: “Media Studies and Religion”

My “American Religious History” Exam List

Continuing where I left off on Friday, here's the second of four exam lists. I think it's important we help each other out with these sorts of things so that our doctoral programs can be as useful to us as possible. So, hopefully this is a help to some other struggling Americanist. It's a bit … Continue reading My “American Religious History” Exam List

My “Theory and Method In the Study of Religion” Exam List

Over the next couple of days I'm going to be posting the various exam lists I've been working through and will continue to work through until my preliminary exams in November. If anyone out there is also studying for exams or just likes these books and wants to chat, talk, exchange outlines, or whatever let … Continue reading My “Theory and Method In the Study of Religion” Exam List